When is the Best Time to Publish Your B2B Podcast?

There are 10,080 minutes in a week.

Which one of those minutes is the best to publish your B2B podcast?

Before we answer that question, let’s address posting cadence.

Successful podcasts connect with their listeners on multiple levels. A proven way to build your audience is to publish your content consistently with a regular cadence.

You can publish your B2B podcast weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or multiple times per week. It doesn’t really matter as long as you can produce quality content that your audience wants to listen to. Keep in mind, though, that the more frequently you publish–and the less time you make your audience wait for new episodes–the faster and more likely your listeners will be to get into the rhythm of checking out new episodes. Conversely, the longer you make your audience wait, the more likely they are to forget about your show or, at least, forget to check for new episodes.

But regardless of the publishing frequency and cadence you choose, the key is to stick with it.

Publishing your B2B podcast in an inconsistent, haphazard manner will work against your efforts to build an audience. A podcast will not be successful without a plan

When is the best day and time of the week to publish your B2B podcast?

According to data from, most podcasts are published on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday between 2 and 5 AM.

The day and time that generates the most podcast downloads is Tuesday at 5 AM.

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

Publishing early in the morning, but not too early, has a couple of big advantages.

First, it gives the podcast directories time to add your new content before your listeners get up in the morning. A lot of people like listening to podcasts in the morning and it is more likely they will see your newly published content if you post around 5 AM that day.

Getting your podcast episode out early in the morning also gives the interwebs plenty of time for your newly created episode links to propagate. This creates a smooth experience when you share the content on social media, your website, or with email subscribers.

Don’t Release Your Podcast at Midnight!

According to Megaphone, podcast episodes published at midnight get minimal downloads.

Why? The episode will get lost beneath the episodes getting published later in the morning. 

Asking for a friend, is publishing something at 5 AM really “later in the morning” 🙂

Audience First

While the data is clear that you should publish your new B2B podcast episodes at 5 AM between Tuesday and Thursday, every podcast and audience is unique.

We recommend that you start with releasing your podcasts during these proven time slots and then make adjustments based on your download data and feedback from your listeners. After all, your podcast is only going to be successful if people listen to it, and the key is to make it as easy to listen to as possible.

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