Have amazing conversations
with anyone you want to get
to know.

B2B Branded Podcasting


Let's face it.

Your ideal clients aren’t gonna buy from you before they get to know you, right?

Having a podcast is like a cheat code for getting your ideal clients–and anyone else you want to get to know–to make time to talk with you.

Invite them on as guests (95% will say Yes!) and with a few simple questions, you’re learn what they care about, how they think, what makes them tick.

And you’ll create a lot of really good content that features you and your guests at your unscripted best, chopping it up, trading ideas and insights, and having a great time doing it.

No pitching or selling involved.

But don't just take our word for it.

Take the word one of our happy clients:

“The Connversa team has been great. They figured out what work with the Spiro team and what doesn’t, and they’re molded to just be part of our team.”

Kari Hanson, VP Marketing,

So, getting down to brass tacks, here's how we help you with podcasting and how much it costs 💵

Planning the show and getting it ready to launch usually takes around 3-4 weeks and costs between $1500-3000, depending on how much you need us to do.

Things like deciding what the show should be about, what to call it, designing artwork, finding the right music, registering the show with podcast directories, and so on.

Once the show is up and running.

 For $650/episode we’ll edit and produce the audio content, write episode titles and basic show notes and schedule episodes for publication. 

For $1499/episode we’ll be your dedicated producer, which means we’ll help you develop each episode from the ground up by taking care of booking guests, running prep calls and recording sessions, and writing interview questions.

(Both options include full access to all audio and video files, and we’ll send you unedited transcripts of all recorded interviews.)

A few additional options:



Full-length episodes

Blog Post


~ 650 words



per clip




While you’re getting your head around all that, here’s another one of our customers:

“When you’re doing this for the first time and you’re like, ‘I don’t know about this being on camera thing, I don’t know how I’m going to keep the conversation going,’ having knowledgeable people with great personalities that can bring it out of you is huge!”

Colleen Young, Director of Marketing Ops, Synergy Health Partners

Podcasting is a lot of work.

It’s not for everyone.

But if you see the value, we’d ❤️ to work with you.

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