Create a month's worth of difference-making thought leadership content in 60 minutes

60 minutes

We call it (drumroll please 🥁):


The Interview Engine

Here’s how it works:

We interview you

Once a month, we get together to plan out next month’s content strategy and topics, then schedule and record a discussion covering those topics.

We produce video clips

We turn the interview recording into as many bite-sized video clips 📹 as you need to stay in front of your ideal clients on your channels. (We can create written content, too, if you need it.)

Publish and promote

You now have enough original, outstanding content to publish and distribute consistently for an entire month! 😁 (And if you’d rather avoid the hassle of all the uploading and publishing and such, we can do it for you.)


And now, a word from one of our customers!

“I just show up and have a conversation and now I’ve got all these good clips that come from it that I can incorporate in these different areas of my social media strategy. So for me, it’s a big time saver and helps relieve the stress of being on a content treadmill.”

Andrew MacIntosh, Founder, 1st Gen Entrepreneurs


Ready to learn more?

If not, no worries. 

I mean, you haven’t even seen how much this thing costs! (See below.)

But if you’re already chomping at the bit to have a chat, grab time on Connversa founder and CEO Jeremy Shere’s calendar.


What You Get and What it Costs

You get short video clips 📹 (and also written material, if you want it) of you at your unscripted best.

8 Videos


16 Videos


24 Videos


By the way, we’ll always send you unedited transcripts of all interviews and the unedited full video and audio files.

If you’re looking for a full-scale content marketing solution, we also offer:

Blog Post/


~ 650 word blog post/

Video Clip


~ 150 word blurbs to publish with video clips




Multi-channel publishing


We publish
everything for you


And now, a word from another one of our customers!

“I’ve already noticed in a short time that by posting the clips on my YouTube channel and on my social media platforms, when I Google my name, I see all this relevant content come up. It’s super good for my business.”

Lance daSilva, Realtor, Century 21 Scheetz


Here's why WE think the Interview Engine is pretty dope:

Because standing out in a crowded marketing is tough. You need to be able to show prospects who you are, what makes you tick, and what makes you unique.

You already have all tof that type of authentic, original content you need, right there in your head. All you need is an easy way to get it out of your head and turn it into content that you can share with your ideal clients.

That’s the Interview Engine.

 ✅ Easy.  Simple. ✅ Fun.

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