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If you’ve already spent some time on the home page, you know that Connversa is all about helping you get to know your ideal customers in a deep and abiding way and to create content that’s gonna make them say, “This is different, this is interesting … I need to learn more!”

We do that in two ways:

One way is with Expert Content Pros, which basically involves us having conversations with you about the things your ideal customers care most about, recording the conversations, and turning them into short video clips.

And we also help B2B companies of all sizes start podcasts, which is also a great way to create really good, original content AND to get to know your ideal customers by inviting them to be guests on the show.

You may have already seen this on the home page, but in case you missed it, here are some of the companies we've worked with:

At the end of the day, we simply love what we do.

We love helping our clients get the incredible and unique content they have in their heads out into the world, in ways designed to attract and delight their ideal customers.

And we love helping our clients start podcasts so they can have amazing conversations with their ideal customers and create great content with them.

If you see value in learning as much as you can about your ideal clients and creating unscripted content that’s uniquely and indelibly YOU, we’ve love to work with you!

Meet our team of B2B podcasting and content creation experts

Jeremy Shere, Founder & CEO

Jeremy is many things: An entrepreneur, a podcaster, a B2B marketer, a songwriter and musician, a husband and father, a die-hard Detroit Lions fan. But mostly, Jeremy is 100% dedicated to helping our customers do the most important thing they can do to grow their business: Get to know their ideal customers by having amazing conversations with them and creating content that stops their ideal customers in their tracks and makes them say, "I wanna see more of THAT!"

Josh Hale

Josh Hale, Lead Producer

Josh is an expert at all things audio. Microphones, remote recording techniques, fixing poor audio, making good audio sound great and great audio sound absurdly awesome. Josh keeps our customers' podcasts running smoothly, runs remote recording sessions flawlessly, and is a super nice person on top of everything else.

Michael Birchfield

Michael Birchfield, Producer

Michael is a people person's people person. In short, he's awesome with people! Our customers love working with Michael because he has a unique way of being incredibly nice and fun to work with while at the same time being a stickler for keeping everyone on the same page and making sure that things get done on time and on schedule.

Liv Snyder

Liv Snyder, Video Editor

Liv will make your long and short-form videos look and sound amazing. Her super power is never settling for video that's just OK or "good enough." No sir. Everything Liv works on is guaranteed to stand out. She's just that good.

Sarah Roscoe

Sarah Roscoe, Podcast Guest Coordinator

You know what's the most time consuming and least fun part of podcasting? Finding and booking guests. It takes a special kind of person to not only be really good at it but also actually enjoy the process! Sarah is that person. She finds the best, most high-value people for our customers' shows and keeps the guest pipeline full.

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