Prospecting Through Podcasting

No matter what business you’re in, one of your top priorities has to be keeping your sales funnel brimming with prospects. Whether you’re a for-profit business looking for new customers or a non-profit looking for donors and/or members, the health and future of the organization depends on keeping that pipeline full. And so, you measure (or ought to measure) the ROI of every investment in terms of how it helps advance you toward that goal.

You may be surprised to learn that podcasting is becoming one of the most efficient and effective ways to fill your funnel. How? By inviting your ideal clients to be guests on your podcast. Doing so provides value by offering your ideal clients a platform to demonstrate their thought leadership and expertise, and provides you with a way to connect with prospects and learn a lot about how they think and what they care most about. And, it’s a lot easier to get prospects to agree to be a guest on your show than it is to get them to agree to take your sales call or schedule a meeting.

To be clear, starting a podcast is not a replacement for daily grind of cold calling, email marketing, and other types of content marketing. But podcasting can be a valuable addition to your sales prospecting toolkit. Plus, featuring industry experts (many of whom may also be your ideal clients) on a podcast helps position your organization as a thought leader.

If you’re interested in learning more about how podcasting can help grow your business, contact Tribal Knowledge Podcast for a free consultation and price estimate.

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