Inviting Guests to Your Podcast

Once you’ve made a list of guests you’d like to have on your B2B podcast, the next step is contacting them, most likely via email. Your interactions should be professional but also warm and inviting. Below are some tips on how to contact your potential guests and maximize the possibility of receiving a “Yes.”

Interact on Social Media

If you haven’t already, make sure to follow your potential guests on social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc., or wherever they seem to be most active). Interact with a few of their posts and provide insightful comments. Make yourself known, so that when they receive your email, you aren’t a complete stranger.


The initial email is the most important part of the invite. You can use a template, but make sure to customize each email for each individual guest in order to appear more personable and warm. Keep the subject line direct and to the point, something like, “Podcast guest invite” or, if you want to be a bit less formal, “Wanna be on my podcast?”

In the body, clearly state who you are and what your podcast is about. Also include how you can benefit them, potential talking points, and where to find your podcast. Guide them towards a couple of episodes they could listen to for reference. At the end, write a call-to-action. This should be as simple as “Reply ‘yes’ if interested, and I’ll send you more information.” Don’t overwhelm them with scheduling before they’ve expressed interest.

If they haven’t responded within a week, send a gentle follow-up email. Don’t resend the same information. Instead, reply to your original message and ask if they have seen it. This way, if they did miss your email, they have the original information readily available.

Direct Messaging

If your potential guest hasn’t replied to your email OR your follow-up email, it’s time to find a different method of contacting. Use the direct messaging system of the social media you’ve used to interact with them, including a condensed version of the information in the email. Be persistent in getting a response, but don’t be annoying.

Time to Move On

If after three attempts a potential guest hasn’t responded, let it go and move on. There are always more people to invite.

Organizational Spreadsheet

Use a spreadsheet to keep track of who you’ve contacted, when, and through what method. Also note what response you’ve gotten and if you’ve scheduled a time to chat. This makes it much easier to pursue several leads at once without mixing up names, times, etc.

Following Up

After the interview, send a thank you email letting them know how much you appreciate their time. Once the episode has been published, send another note letting the guest know, and include a link to the episode that they can share on social media. Be sure to also keep the relationship open. Check in on them from time to time and interact with their work. Your interview should only be the first step towards a prosperous business relationship. By continuing to cultivate it, your guest could open more doors for you to interact with more professionals in your field. If your guest publishes more work or continues to innovate, invite them for another episode!

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