Guide to Hosting a Podcast

Hosting a podcast can be a fun and stimulating experience. But it also requires a particular set of skills:

No, not those skills.

These skills:

Podcast Host Attributes

The podcast host plays a crucial role in setting the tone for the podcast and bringing out the best in guests. To that end, an idea podcast host has at least some of the following attributes:

  • Outgoing
  • Strong conversationalist
  • Genuinely curious about other people’s thoughts and opinions
  • Comfortable doing more listening than talking
  • Engaged listener

Podcast Host Duties

The main duty of a podcast host is to introduce guests and ask interesting questions. But hosting also involves:

  • Making the guest feel comfortable
  • Directing the flow of the conversation
  • Keeping the pace lively and upbeat
  • Having engaging, informative, and lively conversations

Time Commitment

Hosting a podcast may seem like it would take lots of time, but it doesn’t have to:

  • Collaboration with producer on interview talking points: 15 minutes/episode
  • Interview flow script & questions review: 15 minutes/episode
  • Doing the interview: 15-20 minutes/episode
  • Total prep time per episode: 45 – 50 minutes per episode (Assuming two episodes per month, that comes out to less than 2 hours per month)

How Tribal Knowledge Makes Podcast Hosting Easy, Rewarding, and Economical

We handle all of the most time-consuming stuff, so you don’t have to, including:

  • Host training & coaching (as needed)
  • Scheduling interviews
  • Pre-interview research & prep, including writing interview flows scripts and questions
  • Engineering remote recording sessions
  • Ongoing feedback and coaching
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