Should you start a podcast in 2023?

It can be hard to know if starting a podcast is a good move. It takes a lot of planning and groundwork, and to get real value you have to commit for the long haul.

In this episode, Connversa founder Jeremy Shere offers some tips to help B2B marketers evaluate the pros and cons of starting a podcast, including:

  • Check to see what sorts of podcasts already exist in your industry. Look on Apple Podcasts or Spotify, or simply Google “podcasts about [your industry]” and check out how many podcasts there are, how many are still actively publishing, and what they’re about. 
  • Do you have someone in mind at your company who would be a good podcast host? If not, then podcasting might not be a good fit, since the host is so important for the success of a podcast. But if you do have someone who might be a great host, that’s another positive sign.  
  • Finally, does your audience include podcast listeners? Consider asking them via polls on social media or email surveys. 

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