How to produce great audio and why it matters w/ Jeremy Shere & Josh Hale

In this scintillating episode of ThePodshop, Connversa CEO and Grand Poobah Jeremy Shere dives deep into the secrets to producing great audio, with Josh Hale, Connversa’s Head of Production and all-around good guy.

We dive deep, people! We get into why great audio matters in the first place, plus:

🎤 Microphone basics (including great mics you can get for less than $100)

🎤 The difference between USB and XLR mics and which is best for you

🎤 The difference between dynamic and condenser mics and which is best for you

Remember: anyone can buy a mic and plug it in, but to get great audio you need to know how to use your gear!

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Video segment: Condenser vs Dynamic Mics

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