How to do a kick-ass prep call w/ Casey Cheshire

Prep calls are a pain in the ass, right? They take extra time. They can be awkward. If you already know what you’re gonna talk about with the guest, why bother?

Because … Doing a well-structured prep call will result in a much better interview, better episode, and better content.

In this scintillating episode of The PodShop, Casey Cheshire, founder and lead podcast architect of Ringmaster, drops a payload of knowledge bombs about the how and why, the ins and outs, the ups, downs, and sideways(es) of the prep call.

If you wanna learn from Casey, you gotta listen to the episode. 

Meanwhile, to whet your appetite, here are a few tidbits …

  • The prep call actually starts with the podcast guest invite — keep it short, to the the point, and DO NOT include a call to action beyond “Are you interested”. Why not? Listen to the damn episode to find out!
  • The prep call is only partly about discussing the topic. It’s also about establishing rapport with your guest and giving them a feel for how you operate as a host, your vibe, so to speak.
  • Of course, the prep call is also about honing in on the beating heart of the topic. Casey suggests asking the guest about something that really pisses them off. Good strategy! Also consider asking for the top 3-4 things they definitely want to talk about.

There’s much more. But like I said, if you wanna get it, you gotta listen!

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