EP 7: Common branded podcasting mistakes and how to avoid them w/ Jeremy Shere

If you’re on the fence about starting a branded podcast in 2023, one reason you’re hesitant might be fear of failure.

Because while it’s relatively easy to get a podcast started, it’s much harder to keep it going. And you don’t want to put a lot of time and effort into starting a show only to see it die on the vine after only a handful of episodes. 

That’s a bad look for your company … and a bad look for you. I get it.

Maybe it’s better to not take a chance on podcasting and just stick with what you know.

Or … Maybe it IS worth giving podcasting a shot. Because if you go about it the right way and avoid the mistakes that doom some shows to failure, a branded podcast can be a really powerful weapon in your content marketing arsenal … And bolster your reputation, and your company’s reputation, as an industry leader.

In this segment I’ll break down the most common reasons why branded podcasts sometimes fail, and how you can avoid the mistakes that lead to failure and make the moves that result in branded podcasting success.

I’ll cover:

Having unrealistic goals … And what realistic goals look like

Focusing your show too broadly … And how to find the right niche

Choosing the wrong name … And tips for finding the right name

Getting stuck with the wrong host … And how to find the right host

Failing to publish consistently … And how to stick to a publication schedule

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