Engage Millennials with Podcasting

If you want to engage, retain, and attract millennial members, you’re going to want to get into podcasting.


Because, according to Edison Research, more than 40% of millennials listen to at least one podcast a week, and many listen to several. Plus, they’re prone to listening to entire podcast episodes, whether they’re 30 minutes or 60 minutes or however long they are.

And that’s because podcasts are conversational and therefore uniquely engaging. Millennials are famously allergic to content that looks and smells like marketing or advertising. Good luck trying to capture the attention of millennials with a highly produced video or weekly newsletter. But millennials do engage with podcasts, precisely because podcasts are by their nature more authentic and informal. Millennials prize authenticity, and there’s nothing more authentic than a podcast featuring two or more people having an honest, open discussion about something they care about and that matters in people’s lives and for their work.

If you care about engaging your millennial members and attracting new members, it’s time to give podcasting a try. Tribal Knowledge Podcasting specializes in helping associations launch podcasts for marketing, communications, and member engagement. Contact us for a free consultation to see if podcasting makes sense for your association.

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