4 Reasons to Start a B2B Branded Podcast

Are you thinking about creating a branded podcast but not sure if it’s the right fit or the best use of your resources?

Here are four reasons why starting a podcast is a benefit to most brands, which probably includes yours:

Branded Podcast Reason #1: Establish Thought Leadership and Authority 

You’re in business to solve problems for people, and a well-planned branded podcast allows you to connect with your target audience and showcase your expertise. 

We’re big believers in the “know, like, trust” approach to marketing, and a B2B branded podcast checks all three of those boxes. 


By featuring internal and external subject matter experts as guests, talking not about your products and services but rather about topics that your audience cares most about: industry trends, insights into how they can do their jobs better and more efficiently to achieve greater results.

The audience will get to know your brand through your podcast in a way that’s more intimate and immediate than through blogs and even videos. Simply because on a branded podcast your audience hears you and your guests in your own voices and conversational styles.

A branded podcast will help your audience grow to like you by demonstrating how you interact with

Branded Podcast Reason #2: A Natural Way to Connect with People You Want to Meet

People love to be invited into the spotlight, especially if it gives them a platform to talk about themselves and what they’re interested in. Asking a person to be a guest on your podcast does precisely that. 

Many B2B organizations leverage the power of podcasting to connect with their prospects and build meaningful relationships with people in their industry. 

Our clients have shared success stories about how inviting a person onto their B2B podcast resulted in a prospect becoming a customer.

Here are some potential podcast guest ideas:

  • Current customers
  • Prospects
  • Industry or subject matter experts
  • Vendors

Who would be the first guest you would invite to your B2B podcast?

Branded Podcast Reason #3: Know Your Market

Traditional methods of market research are a pain in the ass.

B2B podcasts are an often overlooked method of market research that can give you direct, immediate data.

You’ll learn much about what prospective customers are struggling with, identify new business opportunities, and gain industry insights from your guests. 

Asking the right questions during a podcast interview can reveal many opportunities to solve problems through your products and services.

Branded Podcast Reason #4: Create Lots of High-Quality Content

For most people, creating content is hard…really hard. 

The topics are pretty easy to come up with, but creating the content in a way that’s going to stay on brand, tell your story, and connect with the right people is difficult.

There’s no shortage of poorly done social media posts, blogs, and white papers on anything a person may want to learn about. 

How can you differentiate your brand?

Quality, written content is valuable.

Clear, well-produced audio content is even better because people can hear your voice and tone.

Video content is the best because it allows people to see you as you speak.

A B2B podcast can be leveraged for the following types of content:

  • Blog post
  • Social media
  • Audio
  • YouTube video
  • Email content

One podcast can easily generate 20 pieces of content to help you share your story and connect with your audience.

These are just a few reasons podcasting is an excellent tool for most businesses.

Do you think a podcast will benefit your brand?

If so, we are happy to schedule some time to chat about your goals, available time, and budget.

Let us know how we can help!

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