4 Internal Podcast Ideas

Leadership Insights

Too often, employees feel disconnected from their leaders, resulting in low morale and costly employee disengagement. Starting a “Leadership Insights” podcast can help bridge the employee-leadership gap by featuring your organization’s leaders, managers, and employees engaging in unscripted, free-flowing discussions about the company’s mission and values, business strategy, goals, and more.

How I Do It

One thing that most workers have in common is that they value learning from each other. Producing a “How I Do It” peer-sharing podcast featuring top performers is an efficient and effective way of capturing their knowledge and experience and making it available to their colleagues. Plus, featuring employees on a podcast identifies them as potential mentors for younger or less-experienced colleagues.

Pathways to Success

One of the most common complaints among employees is that the path to advancement is unclear. A “Pathway to Success” podcast featuring managers and leaders talking about how they rose through the ranks is a great resource for employees who aspire to follow in their footsteps.

Employee Spotlight

Everyone likes being recognized. An “Employee Spotlight” podcast is a great way to celebrate employee achievements, share their stories, and break down silos by helping people working in different locations and areas of your organization get to know each other.

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