Why Your Association Needs to Start a Podcast

Why does your association need to start a podcast?

Because if you don’t, some other business or association in your industry will, and you’ll lose the opportunity to be first and to demonstrate thought leadership and forward thinking.

Yes, there are many other reasons to add a podcast to your marketing, communications, and member engagement toolkit:

  • Podcasts are becoming incredibly popular; 51% of Americans have listened to a podcast, and 62 million Americans listen to podcasts at least weekly.
  • Podcasts are convenient because you can listen while commuting, exercising, making dinner, or doing anything else–a valuable attribute at a time when people simply don’t have time or patience to read more emails and white papers.
  • Podcasts are uniquely engaging because they feature real people have real conversations about topics that listeners care about
  • Podcasts are a great way to engage millennials, who are, on average, avid podcast listeners.

The list goes on and on. But, again, one of the most compelling reasons to start an association podcast now is because in doing so you’ll be first out of the gate, demonstrating to your members and prospective members that your association is on the cutting edge and invested in providing them with information and content that’s convenient to consume and highly engaging.

Starting an association podcast is low-hanging fruit, folks. Producing a quality podcast takes time and planning, but with proper guidance you can launch a podcast in less than a month and keep producing episodes on a regular schedule for a very reasonable expenditure of time and money.

And, remember: If your association doesn’t start a podcast, someone else in your industry will, stealing your thunder.

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