Podcast Production Package

You schedule and record great content, and we’ll take it from there.

What you get:

Audio Editing

Editing audio is an art and a science. Our team of expert editors use all their skills to remove filler words (um, uh, y’know), shorten long silences, and everything else necessary to make sure that each episode has a great conversational flow.


Editing is just part of the process. Our highly-skilled producers use all the tools of their trade--EQ, compression, noise reduction, and more--to make your episodes sound as sweet and professional as possible.

Headlines & Show Notes

Every episode needs a snappy, attention-grabbing headline and detailed, SEO-rich show notes. We’ll get it done on time, every time, and make as many edits as necessary until you’re totally satisfied.

Publication & Syndication

You focus on having great conversations with high-quality guests. We take care of publishing episodes and making sure they’re available on all the big podcast directories.

Quarterly Podcast Review

At the end of each quarter we’ll get together to evaluate the data, discuss what’s going well and what needs to be improved, and plan ahead for the next quarter.

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