Podcast Planning & Launch


Podcasts require a lot of strategic planning and equal doses of creativity, inspiration, and intuition. We’ll guide you through the entire process, from early stage brainstorming to launching your show.

And we’ll have fun doing it!

You Get:

Strategy & Planning 💡

To start off on solid footing, we begin with a strategy session to set goals, determine the focus of your show, and get the most important elements in place, including goals, focus, name, description, music, cover art, intro/outro, episode length, and publishing frequency.

Host Training 👨‍🏫

The host of your show plays a crucial role in setting the tone and pace, connecting with your audience, and, most importantly, connecting with the guests and conducting great interviews. We work closely with the host to get them up to speed on interviewing techniques and to make sure they not only do a great job but also have fun!

Equipment 🎤

We set you up with a quality microphone, headphones, and flexible mic arm and teach you how to use them.

Publication & Syndication ⬆️

We create an account for you (and cover the cost) on an audio hosting platform, where the podcast artwork, description, audio files, and show notes (descriptions of each episode) are uploaded. To make your show discoverable in any podcast app, we’ll register your podcast with all of the major directories, including Apple, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.

Promotion & Audience Growth 📣

Even the best podcast is worthless if nobody knows about it. We’ll develop the best strategy to get people listening to your show, recommending it to their friends and colleagues, and giving the show 5-star ratings.

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