Case Study: Lance daSilva, Realtor

Lance daSilva is a Realtor based in Bloomington, Indiana. Like his colleagues and competitors, Lance is active on social media, relying on Facebook and Instagram, especially, to promote himself and connect with home buyers and sellers in the Bloomington area.

Lance daSilva


Lance's Problem

Lance is one of more than 400 Realtors in a town of about 80,000 residents–a red ocean if there ever was one! Competition is fierce, and Lance needed a way to stand out from his competitors. Specifically, he needed video content that could showcase his knowledge of the local real estate market and, even more importantly, content that would tell his story and help people get to know Lance as a person. But as a busy Realtor, Lance didn’t have the time or skillset to produce video content on his own.


How We Helped

We began scheduling monthly sessions with Lance to interview him about topics he knew his audience wants to learn about. Sometimes Lance includes another person in the interviews, and sometimes Lance even plays the roll of the interviewer! 

Instead of struggling to churn out mediocre content that would just blend into the background, all Lance had to do was show up, be himself, and have interesting and fun conversations. And then we took it from there, turning the raw material from the interviews into video clips featuring Lance at his unscripted best!


The Outcome

Now, Lance has a steady stream of fresh content to share with home buyers and sellers. Consequently, he’s not just another Realtor who looks and sounds just like everyone else. Through the content, Lance shares his ideas and opinions and has established himself as an expert in the art & science of buying or selling a home.


Video Clips

A few of the clips we created for Lance:

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