Case Study: 1st Gen Entrepreneurs

1st Gen Entrepreneurs is a community for entrepreneurs who are the first in their family to start a business, and so lack the resources and support of those who come from a family of experienced business people.

The community’s founder, Andrew McIntosh, relies heavily on LinkedIn and other social media platforms to promote 1st Gen, which requires creating a LOT of content.



Andrew's Problem

Andrew McIntosh, founder of 1st Gen Entrepreneurs set himself a goal: To post daily on LinkedIn to market his new venture, a community for entrepreneurs who lack the resources and support of those who come from a family of entrepreneurs.

Andrew is a skilled content creator, but after several months, the constant grind became a burden and a source of stress and anxiety. He began to dread Sundays, when, like it or not, he had to churn out yet another week’s worth of posts. It was stressful, time consuming, and exhausting.


How We Helped

Andrew began meeting with one of our expert interviewers once a month, first to decide what he wanted to create content about, and then to record an unscripted, conversational interview to capture his thoughts, ideas, opinions, and insights.

The process was easy, enjoyable, and required very little prep on Andrew’s part. All he had to do was show up and have a conversation!


The Outcome

Today, Andrew has all the content he needs to post on LinkedIn, YouTube, his website, and other channels he uses to engage his audience and grow his business.

No more endless running on the content treadmill. No more late nights struggling to churn out more content. Just a 60-minute conversation once a month, and Andrew is good to go.


Our Work

Here are a few of the clips we created for Andrew:

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