Tribal Knowledge is Now Connversa!

I’m excited to announced that Tribal Knowledge Podcasting is now officially Connversa!

Why did we make the change?

I’m glad you asked!

Several years ago, when starting a podcast production company was just a twinkle in our collective eye, the original idea was to focus on internal communications. At the time, I (Jeremy) was working at a large corporation where sales people spent most of their time driving around their territories. And they were asking for a podcast so they could learn from each other about how to be better at sales.

Podcasting never took off at that company, but it planted the idea in my brain that podcasting could be a great way for sales teams–for all teams, actually–to share their institutional, i.e. “tribal” knowledge with their colleagues.

And so, the concept for “Tribal Knowledge Podcasting” was born.

But, somewhat to my surprise, our earliest clients were more interested in podcasting as a way to connect with external audiences–with their customers and, especially, with prospects.

Which made sense, because starting a podcast about the challenges and concerns of your core audience, and inviting members of the audience to be guests on the show, is a great way to get to know the buyers and decision makers B2B brands need to get to know to grow their business.

Over the past few years, as we’ve seen so many of our clients succeed with podcasting, it dawned on me that what we were doing was not so much helping companies share “tribal knowledge” among themselves but rather connect through conversation with people outside the organization.

Connection through conversation … that’s what it really boiled down to. And I wanted the company name to reflect that proposition.

And so: “connect” + “conversation” = Connversa!

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