Podcasting is the Ultimate Time Saver For Content Marketers

Content marketing is a powerful way to engage members, employees, and customers, but doing it well takes time. A lot of time. Keeping a blog updated with fresh posts means constantly seeking out new topics, spending hours crafting well-written, SEO-rich copy, editing the copy, and then hoping that people take time they don’t have to read the post. Ditto for keeping social media feeds updated with fresh content, meeting deadlines for weekly or monthly newsletters, and so on.

Who has time to create all that content from scratch? Chances are, not you. And so, your blog and social channels grow stale, and your content marketing suffers.

Which is why you should consider adding a podcast to your toolkit. Producing a podcast takes time and effort, true. But, with the help of an experienced producer, once you get a handle on the equipment and recording and such, creating episodes is no more complicated than inviting experts in your industry to be guests on your show and having fun, in-depth conversations about topics your audience cares about.

And, best of all, you can then turn the audio into an absolute wellspring of high quality content. Say your podcast features 15-20 minutes interviews with industry experts and association members. Transcribing a single interview gives you enough written material to repurpose into at least one blog post, several social media posts, and a short write-up for your newsletter. Do that for each episode, and you’ve got an unending repository of content to keep your content marketing machine humming indefinitely.

So, if you’re interested in generating more and better marketing content in half the time it takes to fill your current marketing channels, give podcasting a try.

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