3 Ways That Podcasting Helps You Connect More Deeply With Customers and Prospects

As a marketer, your job is to cook up new and exciting ways to get your audience to engage with your content.

But let’s face it: most content just isn’t that engaging. The average blog post is … average. Ditto for the average video. And people have watched too many webinars. And especially these days, people are just plain sick of spending more time staring at a screen Zoom Fatigue is real, people! 🥱

But podcasting is different … and uniquely engaging, in at least three ways.

#1: Convenience

Podcasts are uniquely engaging in part because they’re uniquely convenient. Unlike blog posts, video, and any other kind of content that requires sitting down and starring at a screen, you can listen to a podcast while doing other things: driving, walking the dog, working out, making dinner, and so on. This graphic from The Infinite Dial’s 2019 study of podcast consumer behavior shows as much:

#2: Education + Entertainment

More than any other marketing channel, podcasts are great for featuring informal conversations that educate and entertain your audience. Think of someone like Terry Gross on NPR. People love her interviews because no matter the topic or the guest, the discussions are conducted in a way that you can’t help but learn something really interesting. And, a Terry Gross interview is never merely informative but also engrossing because of how Gross primes her guests to share personal memories and anecdotes and thoughts and opinions.

Terry Gross
Terry Gross, 1987

Now, Terry Gross is a professional interviewer with decades of experience. But you don’t have to be a famous journalist (or talk to famous guests) to get educational content that’s also engrossing and entertaining. You just need to focus on the topics that your audience wants to learn about and the people they want to hear from. And, most of all, you need to approach interviewing people with a spirit of fun, adventure, and curiosity.

#3: Going Deep

Finally, podcasts are ideal for longer-form content. Because blog posts and videos, etc. demand people’s time, you need to keep them pretty short. But because people listen to podcasts while doing other things, episodes can be 15, 25, 35, even an hour long. That length allows you to really drill down and explore topics in depth in a way that’s normally not possible, except maybe in e-books (which, let’s face it, nobody actually reads). And lest you doubt that people will actually listen to the entirety of a 30+ minute podcast …

Amount of podcast episode typically listened to

And So …

If you’d like to explore how podcasting can help you create content that engages your audience more deeply, connect with us here at Connversa for a free consultation.

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