Branded Podcasting FAQs

Some of the most common branded podcasting FAQs we get from customers and prospects:

How much does it cost to produce a branded podcast?

Our Planning & Launch packaged is $3000. Post-launch production packages start at $2500/month. See our pricing for more details.

How much time will we need to spend on the podcast?

During the planning and launch phase (approximately 1 month), your marketing team should plan on spending 3-4 hours per week on the podcast. Once the show launches, the host(s) will spend around 1 hour per episode, which includes a pre-interview call with the guest (~20 minutes) and recording the interview (~25 minutes).

What’s the best way to measure branded podcasting ROI?

There are a few useful ways to measure podcasting ROI:

  1. Listeners/downloads — You’ll have access to robust audience engagement data detailing listens/downloads for a given episode, range of episodes, or the podcast as a whole.
  2. Content production — Another measure of ROI is the waterfall of content you will generate from producing a podcast. We can turn every episode into a full-length video, promo videos, and SEO-optimized written content.
  3. Thought leadership – Building a library of episodes about topics relevant to your audience helps establish your brand as a resource for in-depth, original content and education.
  4. Customer retention – Inviting customers to be guests on your show and promoting their episodes helps deepen your relationship and provides you with insight into their evolving needs and interests.
  5. Networking with prospects – Invite prospects onto your show to get to know them (and for them to get to know you) through in-depth, engaged conversations about their interests and challenges.

How long does it take to plan and launch a podcast?

Going from 0 to launching a podcast typically takes 4-6 weeks, including recording the first three episodes. In a pinch, we can get it done within 3 weeks. The more of the following things you have in place, the the faster the planning will go:

🎤 Show focus (the more niche, the better)
🎤 Show format (solo; interview; scripted narrative; other)
🎤 Host(s)
🎤 Artwork
🎤 Music
🎤 Production schedule (first 10 episodes outlined, including potential guests)
🎤 Three fully produced episodes
🎤 Hosting platform set up to generate RSS feed
🎤 RSS feed registered with podcast directories (Apple, Spotify, etc.)
🎤 Podcast web page or site
🎤 Promotion plan in place and ready to rock

What’s the turnaround time for a single episode?

We typically deliver fully produced episodes within 5 days of recording, depending on the length and complexity of the episode and how many assets are involved (audio, video, video promos, written content, etc.). We use a production schedule to keep track of the workflow and plan to always be working at least one episode ahead, so we’re never scrambling to publish an episode at the last minute.

How long should episodes be?

It depends on your audience and on the specific topic of a given episode. We advise our clients to shoot for around 25-30 minutes.

But the length of podcast episodes ranges so much that there’s really no one, ideal length. The most popular podcast in the world, The Joe Rogan Experience, is routinely more than 2.5 hours long! Other popular shows are

How often should we publish new podcast episodes?

The more frequently you publish, the faster you’ll grow your audience and get internal buy-in. We suggest starting by publishing at least two episodes per month, with the goal of eventually ramping up to publishing weekly.

Should we do an audio or video podcast?

It depends on your needs. For topics with a strong visual element (product training, for example), video makes sense. For topics that don’t have a strong visual element and will feature people talking, audio makes sense, although having a video version can be useful for people who prefer watching to listening. Recording video is also a great way to create content to promote the podcast on social media. We record audio and video simultaneously, so you’ll always have the option.

How do we find the right host?

The host of your podcast is crucial for making the show engaging, entertaining, and informative. The ideal host should be in a leadership position at your company and have as many of the following attributes as possible:

🎧 Great communicator: A great podcast host needs to be able to communicate clearly and effectively, both with their guests and their audience.

🎧 Engaging personality: A host must be able to infuse every episode with energy, good vibes, and a sense of excitement and curiosity.

🎧 Strategic listener: A great host listens attentively to their guest(s) and responds thoughtfully. This helps to create genuine conversations and prevents the podcast from feeling scripted or one-sided.

🎧 Empathy: The ability to connect with guests on a personal level helps a host make the conversation more engaging and relatable to the audience. Empathy allows the host to understand different perspectives and respond with sensitivity.

🎧 Curiosity: A naturally curious host can keep the conversation engaging by asking thought-provoking questions, encouraging guests to share interesting anecdotes or dive deeper into their areas of expertise.

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